A Brief History... in time

Grooved Cranial Highway is the musical group founded by Gaurav who is speaking to people – the platform is psychedelic ambient rock and the message is simple: wake up & realize yourself, talk some sense, listen to some sense and do not run after illusion.

The 33 year old audio nerd has already travelled a path that has taken him from the depths of an artless background to the top of his game as a business strategist, tube amp engineer, consultant and ultimately a guitarist & composer. His attitude and work ethics emits phenomenal positive energy yearning to prove that anything is possible if you just put your heart & mind to it.

His relentless pursuit to achieve quality in music production & reproduction has benefited countless musicians and audiophiles and apart from that it united many great musicians and one out of those unions became Grooved Cranial Highway.

Our Philosophy

Our team believes in the saying that “Perfection is Overrated” – The tiny imperfections and NON-Linearities are what makes us human and perhaps lead us to go beyond and perceive beyond. We love to experiment and usually think beyond conventional instruments to get inspiration & even use abstract things to make music.

Our success in creating contrarian and psychedelic music lies in our synergistic thoughts, skills & expertise and this is even more evident by the fact that we normally do not even meet yet when we tie together the bits and pieces of our work, we get it right first time most of the time.

Gaurav: Founder, Guitarist, Composer & Sound Engineer
Subu: Session Guitarist & Sound Engineer
Isai: Session Guitarist & Composer
Dhananjay: Sound Engineer & Composer
Joel: Session Bassist

The debut album from the band on 29th May 2017 and it couldn’t come at a better time. As the new generation trapped in the loops of so called modern music. The tracks on the debut album are fearlessly contrarian and would NOT contain any vocals. In the vicinity of vocals dominant music ecosystem we have consciously chosen to walk this path in the debut album to emphasize the importance & range of musical & lyrical expressions by just using instruments.

Stay tuned for the teasers & log on to following links to listen or download the album!